Photo of Sonja Engelhardt
Photo: Senya Corda

Sonja Engelhardt was born in the rural idyll of Upper Franconia in 1989. She gained first musical experience in the local children’s choir, before discovering further musical prospects through piano-, French horn- and singing-lessons during her schooldays. Afterwards she began studying the French horn at the University of Music Würzburg, continuing her studies at the HFMT University of Music and Theatre Hamburg, where she graduated successfully.

Sonja’s interest in performance, musical theatre, as well as interdisciplinary and experimental projects already crystallized during her studies: She danced Bauhaus-dances in a morph suit for the opening of an exhibition at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, haunted the underground bunker of Hamburg’s central station as psychopathic figure of evil, created her own space installations and won the first „Classical Music Slam“ at the legendary Molotow Club in Hamburg.

Aside from her activities as a studio- and guest-musician in various formations of jazz-, popular and contemporary music, Sonja works as a performing theatre musician, as well as a composer and arranger for film and theatre scores. As a founding member of the „International Fredric Nezce Society“ she practices new, hierarchy-free forms of collaboration in musical theater. Sonja Engelhardt lives in Berlin, Germany.